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Set Descending Direction


The Outline Globe Source Radiator is an adjustable multi-directivity sound radiator, intended for use in acoustical measurements for which not only a uniform spherical sound radiation is required, but also a desired directivity, to match various sound sources, from speech to any other acoustic instruments or devices.

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ET 250-3D


Outline introduces ET System, a turntable controlled via computer. The idea came from Guido Noselli, the company’s founder, and was initially intended for in-house use, in order to facilitate measurement of the polar dispersion of the firm’s loudspeakers.

In fact, this device became the most sought-after work tool for (well-known and lesser known) competitors and the world’s most famous sound designers, as well as multinational companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Siemens, Huawei, Nokia, Philips, Pirelli, Bose, Harman International, Pioneer, Martin Audio, Genelec, Infinity, AKG etc. (the long reference list available on request speaks for itself), not to mention authoritative institutions such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Synergetic Audio Concept – to give just a couple of examples – and many Universities teaching acoustics worldwide.

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