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EME Guard

27-40 000 MHz

EME Guard is a broadband rf safety dosimeter that continuously measures electromagnetic fields and alerts the user when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

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EME Guard XS

80-6 000 MHz

The EME Guard XS is an EMF measuring device to alert workers near antennas. It continously scans for electromagnetic waves and, via its built-in alarm and visual system, alerts users whenever the acceptable limits have been exceeded. This RF Safety tool is extremely easy to use and creates a safer working environment in the areas of installation and maintenance.

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EME Guard Plus

1 MHz  -  40 GHz

The EME Guard Plus is designed to continuously monitor and record EMF exposure near antennas. It is lighter than the previous model, making it easier for workers to wear on the job. The longer battery life and extended memory capacity enable more measurements to be recorded.

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