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Tektronix Prism (MPI platform)


Prism (MPI platform)

PRISM is our real time IP/SDI monitoring and analysis platform designed specifically to generate objective, trusted information for production of content to satisfy growing expectations in quality and consistency. Optimize Hybrid IP/SDI Facility Operations and Maintenance. Simplify Mobile Truck & Studio Production in 4K/WCG/HDR. Monitor popular IP Formats: ST2110-20/30/40; ST2022-6/7; PTP with NMOS/SDP. PRISM is versatile with a software-based architecture for easy in-the-field upgrades to meet growth requirements or monitor new standards.

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Media Analysis Solution for Hybrid IP/SDI Infrastructure

PRISM provides flexible options and field-installable upgrades to monitor a diverse variety of IP statistics as well as video and audio content. The comprehensive feature set, along with an intuitive and simplified graphical presentation of IP statistics, including video quality and diagnostic information, enables engineers to ensure the delivery of superior Quality of Service (QoS) levels in an increasingly complex broadcast environment through SDI/IP signal paths. PRISM is an ideal solution for monitoring SDI/IP hybrid environments including master control rooms, production studios, OB vans, and signal contribution/distribution centers.

Features and benefits


  • Comprehensive SMPTE 2110 Measurement sets:
    • SMPTE2110-10: PTP and RTP-Timestamp based “Stream timing” measurements, SDP Viewer
    • SMPTE2110-20: RTP layer monitoring and Picture decoding
    • SMPTE2110-21: Network compatibility model / Virtual receiver buffer model simulation
    • SMPTE2110-30: RTP layer monitoring and Audio decoding
    • SMPTE2110-40: RTP layer monitoring
    • SMPTE2022-7: Seamless packet reconstruction and Path 1 / 2 timing difference measurements
    • NMOS (IS-04/IS-05) and SDP (RFC4566) for discovery, registration and control
  • A comprehensive analysis and monitoring tool for a hybrid IP/SDI broadcast systems that provides system evaluation for long term system quality monitoring and reporting
  • Real time IP/SDI analysis and monitoring to quickly identify the issue to determine the root cause
  • Graphical displays that show the traffic present in the 10G Ethernet link, allowing engineers to understand what is on their network and to easily select the stream of interest
  • Select a stream to view and monitor the content using the Picture, Waveform, and Audio applications, and listen to audio with headphones for conformance monitoring
  • Detect IP packet errors, monitor the packet inter arrival time (PIT) and time stamped delay factor (TS-DF) to allow engineers to observe issues that may cause intermittent loss of Video, Audio or Data
  • Analysis tools coupled with historical data give engineers the ability to understand and resolve complex and intermittent problems quickly
  • Monitor PTP trend graphs to ensure proper sync system setup for a robust IP system
  • 1 PPS output when the instrument is locked to a PTP reference
  • Tektronix patented Timing display showing the relative timing of the ST2022-6/-7 and ST2110-20 input signals against PTP reference, which makes facility timing easy
  • ST2110-21 Network compatibility modeling and virtual receiver buffer modeling help engineers setup packet delivery timing in IP switches/routers and sender devices
  • Simultaneous two paths monitoring to ensure proper SMPTE 2022-7 redundant system operation
  • NMOS (IS-04/IS-05) discovery and registration support for interoperability in professional networked media environments
  • API to control PRISM from system management software
  • Multipoint or remote site monitoring allowing one engineer to quickly respond to issues from multiple points in the system
  • Build an extensive monitoring solution with the SDI signal decoded from SMPTE 2022-6 streams reconstructed from streams compliant to SMPTE 2022-7 
  • 10GE line rate packet capture for offline analysis
  • Use SDI/ST2110 test signal generation to test the basic functions of networks and receivers
  • The Picture application provides a full HD, 9-inch screen that can be used for confidence monitoring
  • Two-tile display mode that maximizes trace visibility
  • Up to 12Gbps SDI eye-pattern/jitter demodulated waveform display with automatic eye-pattern measurements including eye amplitude, rise/fall time, and overshoot/undershoot measurements as well as jitter measurement
  • All-in-one instrument using a 3RU half-rack platform (MPI) or a 1RU full-rack platform (MPX) that can be used for either portable or rack mount applications