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WFM6120 SD-SDI, NTSC and PAL Waveform Monitor


WFM6120 SD-SDI, NTSC and PAL Waveform Monitor
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WFM6120 SD-SDI, NTSC and PAL Waveform Monitor

Advanced tools to simplify your digital transition.

The WFM6120 provides Tektronix' superior video waveform monitoring and analysis capabilities required in Content Creation, Content Delivery, Research & Development, and Manufacturing for SD (Standard Definition) applications.

Precision and leading-edge capabilities such as Physical Layer Measurement, Digital Data Analysis, CaptureVu, A/V Delay Measurement and Simultaneous Input display make Tektronix the brand of choice for applications that require deep signal analysis and unquestionable accuracy.

Features & Benefits

  • The WFM6120 offers SD-SDI, analog video, and audio monitoring options in one platform 
  • The WFM6120 measurement and monitoring options provide a flexible range of configurations to maximize productivity 
    • Industry-leading Loudness monitoring capabilities 
    • Loudness Trend Chart with adjustable display window 
    • CEA608 Closed Caption monitoring 
    • ANC Inspector simplifies ANC data monitoring 
    • AFD (Automatic Format Description) detection with automatic graticule display 
    • Broadcast Flag/CGMS detection 
    • Black/Frozen picture detect 
    • Numerical and graphical display of analog and digital audio formats 
    • In-depth digital data analysis helps quickly resolve difficult quality and reliability issues 
    • High-performance physical layer measurements of eye and jitter are essential to resolve difficult troubleshooting tasks 
    • CaptureVu® advanced video capture simplifies troubleshooting of intermittent errors 
    • Monitoring of three user-defined Vertical Ancillary (VANC) data packets on the auxiliary Data Status display – including user-definable names for the three VANC data types with reference to their respective DID/SDID values 
  • Exceptional audio monitoring, with options for analog, embedded, and digital AES/EBU 
  • Monitoring of up to 16 channels of embedded AES audio on the audio level bar display (Option AD required) 
  • Tektronix See and Solve™ displays facilitate compliance verification with FlexVu™, the most powerful four-tile display available 
  • SNMP and Ethernet remote interface capabilities to facilitate centralized monitoring and control 
  • Instrument presets for quick recall of commonly used configurations 
  • Digital cursors for precise time and amplitude monitoring 
  • Teletext decode and display capability helps operators quickly verify these data services 
  • Standard and user-definable Safe Area Graticules facilitate editing tasks, reducing the need for reworks and format conversions 
  • Front-panel USB and headphone ports provide fast access to commonly used tasks 
  • Eye Overshoot/Undershoot Automated Measurement (Option PHY) 
  • Audio Channel Status Display (with any audio option) 
  • Audio Loudness and Peak Measurement (ITU BS.1770-3)(with audio option) 
  • Audio/Video Delay Measurement Enhancement (Out-of-Service)(Option AVD) 
  • Teletext Detect and Decode (Closed Caption / Subtitle only) 
  • Active Format Description (AFD) Decode – in ANC (SMPTE 2016) 
  • Video Index Decode – Aspect Ratio Only (SMPTE RP186) 
  • Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) Decode – both in PAL and in Digitized SD-SDI (ITU-BT.1119-2) 
  • Get/Load Captured Data through Network 
  • Active Format Description (AFD) Decode and Display Enhancements (SMPTE 2016) 
  • Decode and Display Broadcast Flag/CGMS 
  • Black and Frozen Picture Detect 
  • ANC-LTC and ANC-VITC Time Code Detection and Selection 
  • Infinite Persistence Mode for Trace, including Eye-pattern Trace(Requires Option EYE or Option PHY, and waveform trace) 


  • Monitoring and compliance checking in video distribution and broadcasting 
  • Quality control in the video production and post production 
  • Equipment qualification and troubleshooting in the installation and maintenance of video facilities and systems