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Product specifications

Brand Picotech


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Thermocouple Data Logger

The USB TC‑08 thermocouple data logger offers industry-leading performance and a cost-effective temperature measurement solution. With eight direct thermocouple inputs, the USB TC‑08 can take accurate, rapid readings. In addition, you can use up to 20 units simultaneously on one PC. The logger can measure and record temperatures ranging from –270 °C to +1820 °C using the appropriate thermocouple type (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T). It draws power from your computer’s USB port, so no external power supply is necessary.

Low cost, high resolution

  • Measures and records up to eight thermocouples at once
  • 20-bit resolution and high accuracy
  • Supports all commonly used thermocouple types
  • Measures from –270 °C to +1820 °C
  • Built-in cold junction compensation
  • Up to 10 measurements per second
  • USB-connected and powered
  • Run multiple units on a single PC
  • Supplied with PicoLog® 6 data logging software and PicoSDK®
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS