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TA041 Differential Probe 1000V

TA041 Differential Probe 1000V


Product specifications

Brand Picotech


Active oscilloscope probes. This range includes high-voltage probes that extend the input range of your scope, and high-frequency probes that boost its input impedance for more accurate measurements. All active probes require a power supply or batteries. Our battery-powered probes are supplied complete with batteries, while optional AC adaptors are available for the externally powered types. Read our application note: Choosing the right Pico Technology active differential probe. For making differential measurements whether measuring millivolts or upto 1000V CAT III consider also our PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope. 25 MHz 700 V differential oscilloscope probe 10:1/100:1 The TA041 is an active differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±700 V (DC + peak AC). It can be used with signal speeds of up to 25 Mhz. This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making high-voltage differential measurements. Applications include making safe measurements in power circuit applications and acquisition of low-speed balanced differential signals found in serial communications buses. The TA041 is an active probe and therefore requires power to function. Four AA batteries are included as standard. Not included as standard but available as optional extras, the PS008 power supply and TA059 Probus power adapter are also available to purchase.