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Source Measure Unit 20V 3A 1ch
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A fast and agile, high power, four quadrant voltage / current source. Advanced precise voltage / current meters. Simultaneously measuring both current and voltage. The PowerFlex autoranging system provides semi constant power characteristics. The current capability rises as the voltage falls, unlike conventional SMUs where the maximum power can only be achieved at the top of each voltage range.
  • 4-quadrant Source, Sink & Measure
  • 0.015% basic accuracy with 6½ digit resolution.
  • Sense terminals for 4 wire operation and guard capabilities
  • PowerFlex technology: up to ±21V, up to ±3.15A (SMU4001), 25W power envelope.
  • 0.1µV & 100fA resolution
  • Fast measurement speeds up to 200µs (5k/s)
  • Continuous or pulsed high speed outputs with Linear/Log or arbitrary list sweeps
  • Compact size
  • Internal memory, up to 100k measurements, up to 100k steps
  • ‘SMU Link’ allows two SMUs to be linked together for synchronous operation (optional accessory)
  • Full control of multiple units with Test Bridge SMU Windows software (free download)