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Picotech SE047




Product specifications

Manufacturer Picotech



All our sensors have been carefully selected to offer high performance at a low cost.

Thermocouple type T, exposed tip, PTFE insulated, 2 m

Type T thermocouples are a good choice for applications that require higher accuracy than Type K, but they have a narrower temperature measurement range.

PTFE insulation offers resistance to chemicals, oils and fluids, although it has a lower maximum temperature than fiberglass insulated probes.

This probe has an exposed welded tip, which offers very fast response, and are ideal for gas measurements. However, because the alloy tip is unprotected, it should not be used in corrosive or oxidizing liquids.

SE046 specifications
Type T class 1 temperature range –75°C to +260°C
Type T class 1 accuracy –40°C to +125°C: ±0.5°C, +125°C to +260°C: ±0.4%
Tip construction Exposed junction / welded tip
Connector Miniature thermocouple connector
Cable material PTFE
Length 2 m (about 6 ft)