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Primus One Workstation Solutions

Primus One Workstation Solutions

Workbenches for engineering, production, quality tests, maintenance, educational labs....
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Product specifications

SKU ELA-Primus-One system Tables
Brand Elabo


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The workstation systems from ELABO can be used to develop highly productive solutions for almost any task on an assembly line. Intelligent integration of all components ensures outstanding ergonomics while maximising the use of facility space. The assembly systems are suitable both for the setup of individual workstations as for the creation of networked workplace systems. A range of modular expansion options means customer-specific solutions are possible.

Technical specifications:

  • Lab table system with 4 aluminium table legs
  • Primus One® system sections are more ergonomic with a 45° angle to user
  • Primus One® system sections for efficient electrification with system 80 profiled plates
  • Welded steel frame for improved mechanical stability
  • Rear table legs can also be fitted with system 80 profiled plates
  • System sections with circumferential heavy-duty slot for attaching accessories
  • Front table legs can be set back to increase legroom
  • Retractable desk grommet located in centre with 50 mm brush liner for optimum cable management
  • Generously sized cable tray with access from front
  • Replaceable front edge
  • Through cabling possible if arranged in series
  • Leveller to compensate for floor unevenness
  • Individual colour schemes possible
  • Table top with cut-out for system section
  • Rear system sections can be extended invisibly upwards via patented connection system
  • ESD product certificate for Primus One®
  • ESD variant for EPA facilities


Table top - Edge trim, Flexiline edge (replaceable), multiplex table top, granite table top, ESD model

Workstation - Height adjustable via electric motor or movable

Load-bearing capacity - 500 kg distributed load (4 foot system table)

Top units - 3 RU system channel, 3 RU cockpit top unit, 3 RU pillar top unit, 6 RU cockpit top unit, 3 RU partial top unit, 6 RU partial top unit, shelf top unit, sliding door top unit, shutter top unit, functional shelf, shelf element

Corner units - System corner table tops 30° to 90° or CAD elements, corner shelf elements, corner functional shelves

Lighting - Illuminated organising panel, segmented illuminated organising panel, software-driven lighting control, LED tube lamp (dimmable), LED overhead lights

Colours - Wooden parts: RAL 7035 Light Grey or RAL 9010 Pure White


Elabo is the leading developer and producer of technical workstations for electrical laboratories, for electrical training, and for process control stations.

With teh flexibility to integrate 1 inch rack T&M equipment, CNRood and supply total solutions with the integration of Oscilloscopes (Tektronix), Power supplies (Delta Elektronika) Isolation and safety testers and all other equipment from other supplers.

Elabo furthermore claims a top position in the engineering of automated test systems for industrial safety and quality control. Elabo products stand for high functionality through intelligent system solutions. They guaranty superior quality and possess remarkable longevity while also being highly efficient. All products and engineering projects come with a diversified range of services.

This way, we ensure that our clients obtain solutions that exactly match their needs.

We can build systems completely up to your requirments.