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PQASW Picture Quality Analyzer Software



Picture Quality Analysis Software
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Picture Quality Analyzers

Full Reference Picture Quality Analyzers to Improve Your Video Quality

The true measure of any television system is viewer satisfaction. Based on the concepts of the human vision model, Tektronix Picture Quality Analyzers provide a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment.

Picture Quality Analyzers are used for the design, evaluation and test of the encoding, transcoding and decoding processes. HDMI Testing is critical in today’s consumer electronics like Set Top Boxes and Blu-Ray players which output video through an HDMI interface with HDCP encryption. The PQA600B uniquely decodes the HDCP protocol, and enables video quality performance comparisons on a range of consumer electronics.

They can also be used for installation, verification and trouble-shooting of each block of a video system because it is video technology agnostic; any visible differences between video input and output from processing components in the system chain can be quantified and assessed for video quality degradation.

The PQASW is the picture quality analysis software based on the concepts of the human vision system which provides a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment.


  • Fast, accurate, repeatable, and objective picture quality measurement
  • Predicts DMOS (Differential mean opinion score) based on human vision system model
  • IP interface with simultaneous Generation/Capture and 2-Ch capture (Option IP)
  • Picture quality measurements can be made on a variety of UHDTV1/4K formats (3840×2160, 4096×2160), HD video formats (1080p, 1080i, 720p) and SD video formats (525i or 625i)
  • User-configurable viewing condition and display models for reference and comparison (Option ADV)
  • Attention/Artifact weighted measurement (Option ADV)
  • Region of interest (ROI) on measurement execution and review
  • Automatic temporal and spatial alignment
  • Embedded reference decoder
  • Easy regression testing and automation using XML scripting (Option ADV) with "Export/Import" file from GUI
  • Multiple results view options
  • Embedded sample reference and test sequences
  • Wide variety of file format support including YUV 4:2:0 planar 10 bit, which is in the uncompressed file generated by the Tektronix MTS4EAV7 analyzer when decoding a HEVC Main 10 profile stream
  • Installs on your own PC


  • CODEC design, optimization, and verification
  • Conformance testing, transmission equipment, and system evaluation
  • Digital video mastering
  • Video compression services
  • Digital consumer product development and manufacturing