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Portable 100/1000M Aggregating Tap

Garland Technology

Portable 100/1000M Aggregating Tap

Portable Aggregating TAPs for 100/1000 Megabit and 1 Gigabit Networks


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Manufacturer Garland Technology


The portable aggregating network TAP is ideal for network monitoring  and troubleshooting. The innovative design allows this TAP to easily  install into any 100/1000M copper or 1G fiber network segment.  Once installed, the P1GxxA will enable you to monitor, troubleshoot,  or analyze your network segments without dropping any packets.  The P1GxxA gives you ultimate flexibility in analyzing your data. TAPs offer the clearest snapshot of your network data, which can be  used for security, compliance, data storage, performance monitoring  and more. Learn how Garland can help maximize your network.