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PicoConnect 441 differential 1:1 probe

PicoConnect 441 differential 1:1 probe


Product specifications

Brand Picotech


PicoConnect 441 1:1 differential probe

The PicoConnect 441 is a general-purpose passive differential probe with 1:1 voltage ratio and 15 MHz bandwidth, for precisely measuring voltages on ranges from ±10 mV to ±50 V. The probe is fitted with a ground reference clip, as well as the usual positive and negative leads, to eliminate unknown common mode voltage differences between the probe and the device under test (DUT). It uses unshrouded 4 mm banana leads, so is compatible with a wide range of test probes. It comes with a pair of sprung hook probes. This probe is ideal for anyone needing to make lower-amplitude, precision measurements in a wide range of applications. You can also use it to measure the signals on differential serial buses such as CAN and RS-485.