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Pendulum CNT90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer


Pendulum CNT90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer

Timer/Counter/Analyzer, 400 MHz/100 ps, Graphical. Std timebase oscillator, no input C

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Manufacturer Pendulum


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CNT-90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer

The Pendulum CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer is an ultimate tool for measurement, analysis and calibration of Frequency, Time Interval or Phase. The CNT-90 is a high-performance counter with a fast measurement speed to 250,000 measurements/s, and time interval measurement resolution to 100 ps. The CNT-90 offers ease-of-use including graphical display and improved display and improved control over measurement at an outstanding price.

CNT-90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer

• 250k measurements/s to internal memory, 750k stored measurements results
• Fast GPIB/USB bus speed, 5k meas/s – block mode
• Resolution: 12 digits/s (freq.), 100 ps (time), 0.001° (phase)
• 14 digits display
• Frequency range: 400 MHz as standard. 3, 8, 15 and 20 GHz optional
• Ease-of-use: Multi-parameter display and graphical presentation of results
• Outstanding performance/ price ratio