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The PD24222 is a PXI, Dual Channel Digitizer. It features fully differential inputs and a very low distortion. For differential measurements the input signals may have any common mode level as long as the common mode level plus signal stay within the -10V to +10V range. Alternatively AC coupling can be used. For single ended applications the PD24222 has a programmable DC offset source that can be connected to the negative input. This ensures the full resolution of the converter can be maintained when capturing signals with a DC offset.


  • Two channels, fully differential inputs 
  • Excellent dynamic performance 
  • 114dB THD typical at 1kHz / 96ksps 
  • Programmable DC-offset level 
  • 31.6mVpp to 10Vpp input range 
  • 1MOhm or 600Ohm input impedance 
  • Internal clock supports all standard audio rates 
  • Local bus clock for sync. to PG24192