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MR2300 EMI test system

MR2300 EMI test system

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Brand Micronix


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Generally, much waiting time and cost are needed in a formal EMI test using the anechoic chamber. When it repeated many times to solve the problem and to test formally, longer time and more cost are wasted. MR2300 focuses on being used to solve the problem in advance <> and reducing the number of times of formal test to one or two times.


1)The first EMI total test system in the world As a complete and total test system including not only antenna, spectrum analyzer for EMI, LISN and PC software for EMI but also anechoic box, MR2300 is the first in the world. In addition, the magnetic field probe (option) is prepared as a problem solution tool. Any other additional equipment is not needed at all.

2)Compact and broadband antenna by our own development The antenna, whose dimensions are as small as 578(W)×401(H)×250(D)mm (MAN101, excluding ground plate) and bandwidth is as broad as 30MHz to 3GHz, was developed by ourselves. The size of anechoic box also became small by miniaturizing the antenna.

3)Small and large anechoic boxes MY5310 for small EUT, MY5310SU for medium EUT, MY5410 for large EUT MY5310S of separation type are prepared. MY5310 is equipped with a turntable of 220mm in diameter/ 10kg in load, MY5310SU is equipped with a turntable of 500mm in diameter/ 50kg in load and MY5410 is equipped with a turntable of 756mm in diameter/ 100kg in load.

4)Calibration of the entire system The calibration as the whole system like corrections of the antenna gain, attenuation of LISN and conversion into 3 meters in measurement distance is performed in MSA338E/438E and PC software. The user only reads the measurement result of the PC screen as it is.

5)Conformity to regional and international standards MR2300 is based on CISPR11(classA/B,group1), CISPR22(classA/B), EN55011(classA/B,group1), EN55022(classA/B), VCCI(classA/B) and FCC part15 subpartB(classA/B).