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Miro Junction Box (6 Ports).

Miro Junction Box

Highspeed Camera Junction Box (6 Ports) for Miro Series.

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SKU Miro Junction Box
Brand Vision Research


Highspeed Camera Junction Box (6 Ports) for Miro Series.

The new Miro Junction Box (JBox) offers true flexibility and modularity in building multi-camera configurations as simple or complex as needed.

Designed to work with all Miro cameras, the JBox is a rugged and sensible connection hub that maximizes camera capability in the most difficult of situations.

The JBox is Hi-G – It’s been tested to withstand shocks to 170G IAW MIL-STD 202G, and vibration of 17 grms IAW MIL-STD 202G.

This makes it a perfect companion to the Miro C210J for tough applications like on-board crash testing.

Custom wire the system cable directly into an umbilical cord for direct signal control Connect the JBox to other JBoxes in a daisy chain or tree branch configuration.

Connect directly to a local laptop via Ethernet using the ruggedized RJ45 Ethernet connector Connect the system cable to a custom Control Breakout Box, to cleanly and easily connect to customer signaling and Ethernet