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Product specifications

Brand Tektronix


Arbitrary Function Generator (optional)

All MDO3000 Series instruments can be preconfigured from the factory with this AFG option.

 The MDO3000 contains an optional integrated arbitrary function generator (option MDO3AFG), perfect for simulating sensor signals within a design or adding noise to signals to perform margin testing.

The integrated function generator provides output of predefined waveforms up to 50 MHz for sine, square, pulse, ramp/triangle, DC, noise, sin(x)/x (Sinc), Gaussian, Lorentz, exponential rise/fall, Haversine and cardiac.

The arbitrary waveform generator provides 128 k points of record for storing waveforms from the analog input, a saved internal file location, a USB mass storage device, or from an external PC. Once a waveform is in the edit memory of the arbitrary waveform generator, it can be modified via an on-screen editor and then replicated out of the generator. The MDO3000 is compatible with Tektronix’ ArbExpress® PC-based waveform creation and editing software, making creation of complex waveforms fast and easy. Transfer waveform files to your MDO3000 edit memory via USB or LAN or using a USB mass storage device to be output from the AFG in the oscilloscope.



  • Sine
  • Square/Pulse
  • Ramp/Triangle
  • DC
  • Noise
  • Sin(x)/x (Sinc)
  • Gaussian
  • Lorentz
  • Exponential Rise
  • Exponential Decay
  • Haversine
  • Cardiac
  • Arbitrary (250MSa/s)


The MDO3000 is compatible with ArbExpress® PC-based signal generator waveform creation and editing software. Capture waveforms on the MDO3000 oscilloscope and transfer them to ArbExpress® for editing. Create complex waveforms in ArbExpress® and transfer them to the arbitrary function generator in the MDO3000 for output.

To download ArbExpress® software, go to