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M5 Analyser


M5 Analyser

Easy-to-use, multitechnology protocol analyzer software for Ethernet-based interfaces.
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Product specifications

SKU EXF-M5 Analyser
Manufacturer EXFO


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Key Features

  • Network analyzer for functional testing and troubleshooting
  • The fastest way to equip your testing team with a protocol analyzer—just download and install software on any Windows-enabled PC
  • Unique capability of real-time analysis without probes; connect directly to the monitored network element (vendor specific) or use the PC’s NIC-adapter to capture data
  • Multitechnology support: 2G, 3G, LTE, IMS, CS and PS Core with Ethernet interfaces;off-line analysis of all these technologies
  • Correlated multitechnology and multi-interface
  • Call and Sessions Analysis Supports open format (PCAP) files and EXFO analyzers .REC file format for detailed off-line analysis