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NTP server Lantime m600/mrs/3ge

Lantime M600/MRS/3GE: High End NTP Time Server Multi Reference Sources

LANTIME M600/mrs/3GE: High EndNTP Server in 1U Case for Server Rackmount

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Product specifications

Brand Meinberg


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NTP time server with ultra-stable integrated oscillator OCXO-HQ *)
and Intelligent Reference Selection Algorithm (IRSA)
Intelligent switching between available synchronization sources:
GPS, Time Code (e.g. IRIG-B), Pulse Per Second (PPS), 10MHz or
external NTP servers.

1 x LAN interface 10/100 MBit, RJ45 connector
3 x LAN interface 10/100/1000 MBit, RJ45 connector
1 x Terminal RS232 interface, 9pin D-Sub male connector
      for initial setup and configuration
1 x USB Service interface
1 x  Grafic VF-Display (256 x 64 dots) and 8 push buttons

Reference Inputs:
1 x Meinberg GPS antenna input, BNC connector, isolated
1 x PPS input, TTL, pulse duration >= 5 µs, active high, female BNC connector
1 x 10 MHz input, sine (1.5 Vpp - 5 Vpp) or TTL,  female BNC connector
1 x Time Code modulated input, BNC connector, isolated by transformer
      Insulation voltage  3000 V DC
      Input impedance: 50 Ohm, 600 Ohm, 5 kOhm 
      Internally selectable by jumper (default 600 Ohm)
      Input signal : 600 mV to 8 V (Mark, peak-to-peak)
1 x Time Code unmodulated input, BNC connector, isolated  by opto-coupler
      Insulation voltage           : 3750 Vrms
      Internal series resistor  : 330 Ohm,
      Max. input current           : 25 mA
      Diode forward voltage : 1.0 V...1.3 V
      selectable Time Code Inputs, modulated / unmodulated (DCLS):
      B122/123 / B002/003
      B126/127 /  B006/007
      IEEE1344 (modulated and DCLS)
      AFNOR NFS 87-500 (modulated and DCLS)

Signal Outputs:

2 x RS232 interface, independent, 9pin D-Sub female connector,
      with multi data formats timestrings.
1 x PPS, TTL into 50 ohm, pulse duration 200 msec,
      active high, female BNC connector
1 x PPM, TTL into 50 ohm, pulse duration 200 msec,
      active high, female BNC connector
1 x Synthesizer for frequencies from 0,1 Hz up to 10 MHz,
      TTL into 50 ohm, female BNC connector
1 x Standard Frequency 10 MHz, TTL into 50 ohm, female BNC connector
1 x Time Code AM, amplitude modulated sinewave output (e.g. IRIG-B12x) ,
      3Vpp into 50 ohm,  via female BNC connector
1 x Time Code DCLS, Pulse-width modulated output (e.g. IRIG-B00x),
      TTL active high, via female BNC connector
      (AM and DCLS Time Code signals are generated in parallel )
      additionally Time Codes available: IEEE1344 und AFNOR NFS 87-500.
1 x Alarm Relay Output, change-over contact, 3pin DFK connector

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 100-240 V AC (50-60 Hz)
Power consumption: max. 30 W
19" metal chassis, 1 U/84 HP
(483 mm wide x 43 mm high x 285 mm deep)

Scope of supply:
The system will be delivered inclusive of GPS/Converter
outdoor antenna, mounting kit and 20 m  coax-cable (RG58).