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LA1400, LA4440 series integrating sound level meters

Ono Sokki

LA-14xx/LA-4440 Integrating Sound Level meters

LA-1400 / LA-4400 series integrating sound level meters
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SKU ONO-LA-14xx/LA-4440 Integrating Sound Level Meters
Manufacturer Ono Sokki


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LA-1400 (class 2) / LA-4400 (class1) series integrating sound level meters conform to the requirements by the latest standard of  IEC 61672-1:2002.

And also they are designed to focus on field measurements in pursuing of easy operation and cost-effectiveness.

All models can measure 14 items simultaneously including Leq, which is popularly used in sound measurements, and have a wide linearity range of 100 dB.

Settings can be changed using the easy-to-follow menu. From measurements of work environments to machine and product noise analysis.

You can choose suitable models which meets your needs and applications.

Moreover, LA-1440/4440 sound level meters can transfer the measurement result to a PC with simple and quick operation via RS-232C or USB interface.

The sound level meter can be controlled remotely from PC using software (user preparation).

Measurable frequency range 10Hz-8kHz (LA-14XX series), 10Hz-20kHZ (LA-4440).