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partial discharge


Doble DFA100

Locate partial discharge, particles, and mechanical defects.

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Product specifications

Manufacturer Doble


With three measuring modes, continuous, phase and pulse, the DFA100 uses its acoustic emission sensor to find in-service acoustic signals produced by partial discharge and loose components.As an option, the DFA100 can be used with insulated hot sticks for specific applications. You can use the DFA100 to detect faults in grounded SF6 gas-insulated systems, SF6-filled dead-tank circuit breakers, as well as grounded oil-filled instrument transformers and cable accessories.


The DFA100 Dielectric Fault Analyzer is a handheld survey tool used to identify and locate partial discharge, particles, and mechanical defects.

Key Features

  • Three measuring modes: continuous, phase and pulse
  • Use the simple interface to upload test results to a PC or download previous data and nameplate configurations
  • Outstanding durability for field use and produces high-quality results with high repeatability
  • Can operate up to 4 hours on one charge


  • Identify and locate PD, particles, and mechanical defects in GIS, SF6-filled dead-tank breakers, and instrument transformers 
  • Efficient testing – produce results in seconds with this quick and easy to configure survey tool
  • Use the results by themselves or in conjunction with other in-service test results to assist in decision making