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Research & Development solutions

Research & Development solutions

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  • Primus One workstation with shelf elements and illuminated organising panel
  • Functional worktops
  • Extraction unit
  • Magnifying lamp

With the integrated solder fume extraction unit, you’ll never again be exposed to poisonous gases while soldering. This protects your employees from serious health problems.

Go easy on your eyes and ensure optimum lighting for your workstation or workpiece with the illuminated organising panel and magnifying lamp.

Elabo is the leading developer and producer of technical workstations for electrical laboratories, for electrical training, and for process control stations.

With teh flexibility to integrate 1 inch rack T&M equipment, CNRood and supply total solutions with the integration of Oscilloscopes (Tektronix), Power supplies (Delta Elektronika) Isolation and safety testers and all other equipment from other supplers.

Elabo furthermore claims a top position in the engineering of automated test systems for industrial safety and quality control.

Elabo products stand for high functionality through intelligent system solutions.

They guaranty superior quality and possess remarkable longevity while also being highly efficient.

All products and engineering projects come with a diversified range of services.

This way, we ensure that our clients obtain solutions that exactly match their needs.

We can build systems completely up to your requirments.