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CNT-90 Timer/counter/analyzer


CNT-90 uW/RF counters

The Spectracom CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer
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SKU CNT-90 uW/RF counters
Manufacturer Pendulum


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The Spectracom CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer is an ultimate tool for measurement, analysis
and calibration of Frequency, Time Interval or Phase from 0.002 Hz up to 400 MHz.

Using optional input C allows us to make measurements up to 60 GHz (CNT-90XL. Option 28 allows you to make pulsed measurements up to 60 Ghz.

The CNT-90 is a high-performance counter with a fast measurement speed to 250,000 measurements/s, and time interval
measurement resolution to 100 ps. The CNT-90 offers ease-of-use including graphical display
and improved display and improved control over measurement at an outstanding price.

Battery Option

The CNT-90 has an optional battery pack with 90 Wh capacity,

capable of mains-free operation for at least 4.5 hours.
In stand-by mode the battery pack can keep an OCXO warm
and running for over 24 hours. Battery operation of a frequency
counter/analyzer is valuable in three different applications:
• Mains-free operation in the fi eld
• Transportation of high-stability OCXO to maintain stability, which
  gives instant use at destination without any warm-up time

• Both USB and GPIB interfaces are standard. With USB you
  won’t need to invest in a GPIB interface card for your PC. The
  GPIB operates in either SCPI/GPIB or 53131/53132 emulation mode for plug and play replacement in ATE systems.