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Tektronix 6 Series MSO option "6-WIN"

6 Series MSO option "MSO64B6-WIN"

Solid State Drive (SSD) with Microsoft Windows 10 OS (option 6-WIN)

≥ 480 GB SSD. Form factor is a 2.5-inch SSD with a SATA-3 interface. This drive is customer installable and includes the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT 2016 LTSB (64-bit) operating system


Product specifications

Brand Tektronix


Windows or not - you choose

The 6 Series MSO offers you the choice of whether to include a Microsoft Windows™ operating system. Opening an access panel on the bottom of the instrument reveals a connection for a solid state drive (SSD). When the SSD is not present, the instrument boots as a dedicated scope with no ability to run or install other programs.

When the SSD is present, the instrument boots in an open Windows 10 configuration, so you can minimize the oscilloscope application and access a Windows desktop where you can install and run additional applications on the oscilloscope. Or you can connect additional monitors and extend your desktop. Whether you run Windows or not, the oscilloscope operates in exactly the same way with the same look and feel and UI interaction.