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Keithley 2260B-30-36


Programmable DC Power Supply 30V 36A 360W

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Product specifications

SKU TEK-2260B-30-36
Brand Keithley Instruments
Current 36.00
Outputs Single
Power 360.00
Voltage 30.00


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2260B-30-36 DC 360W Programmable DC power supply Source a wide range of voltages and currents with the 360W Model 2260B-30-36 or the Model 2260B- 80-13 Programmable DC Power Supplies. For higher power requirements, output up to 720W with either the Model 2260B-30-72 or the Model 2260B-80-27 DC power supplies. All four instruments have constant power outputs to provide a flexible range of voltage and current output combinations. The 360W supplies can output as much as 30V or 80V or as much as 13.5A or 36A, while the 720W supplies can output twice as much current, 72A and 27A, with the same maximum voltage outputs. The wide range of output voltages and currents of the Series 2260B power supplies along with multiple interfaces, enable their use in numerous applications including research and design, quality control, and production test