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10/100M and10/100/1000M | Copper Modular TAPs

1U or 2U 1G Modular  Copper TAP System

10/100/1000M  Copper Modular TAPs

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Network test access points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network. The modular chassis system features a flexible and scalable design to meet your network needs today and tomorrow. 

Design your own chassis with modular TAPs that support breakout, aggregation, filtering, regeneration/SPAN and bypass modes. This modular system allows you to fully deploy and manage your monitoring and security appliances and guarantee 100% network uptime let you see every bit, byte and packet.®
Breakout TAP flow
Scalable Modular TAPs System:
     -2U holds up to 12 TAPs | 1U holds up to 4 TAPs
Management and Non-Management Options:
     -Management Card: Ethernet with GUI - and - Serial with CLI controller
     -Non-management chassis available; (management card can be added at later date)
Build Your Own 1G Chassis: Flexible design - accommodates any 1G network scenerio
• Dual internal AC or DC power supplies
• TAP modules are hot swappable, fully configurable and interchangeable
• Accommodates GT legacy modular TAPs
• Network Failsafe recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than 8 milliseconds then reconnects the two network devices connected to Ports A & B.
• Supports jumbo frames and passes physical errors.
• Packet slicing and packet injection (aggregate mode for copper network port TAPs).
• Link speed synchronization available
•100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no MAC address; cannot be hacked.
• Made, tested and certified in USA.