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1741C Analog Waveform Monitor


Tektronix 1741C Analog Waveform Monitor PAL / NTSC

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The 1741C is an Analog Waveform Monitor that provides user interface tools to simplify operations. It's precise displays provide high-quality monitoring for traditional analog composite (PAL and NTSC) or component systems.

Features & Benefits


  • Analog Composite (PAL and NTSC) and Component Video Support with Auto Format Detection 
  • Four Passive Loopthrough Analog Composite Signal Inputs 


  • Waveform Display Supports Composite or Component Video for White and Black Balance and Level Checking 
  • Vector Display for Analog Composite Signal Allows System Setup to Specific Chroma Values 
  • SCH Display for Color Subcarrier-to-Horizontal Sync Timing and Color Framing Matching among Edit Sources 


  • Timing Display for Measuring Signal Timing between Each Input and the Reference 
  • VITC or LTC Time Code Decode and Display 
  • LTC Waveform Display for Longitudinal Time Code Amplitude and Synchronization Monitoring 
  • Screen Capture for Pictures and Traces Facilitate Reference Setting, Troubleshooting, and Documentation Tasks 
  • Video Session, Alarm Status, and Error Logging for Quick Identification and Easier Correction of Problems 


  • Four-tile FlexVu Display Capability 
  • XGA Display with Full-screen Picture Display and Picture Thumbnail for Easy Signal Source Verification 
  • Ethernet Interface for Convenient Freeze Capture and Error Log Download 
  • USB Port Enables Screen-capture Download 
  • 32 User Presets for Quick Recall of Commonly Used Configurations 
  • Additional XGA Output for Instrument Display on External Monitor 
  • Picture Monitor Output for Analog Composite Signal 
  • Ground-closure for Remote Selection of Input or Preset Recall 


  • Camera Alignment and Analog Video Equipment Setup 
  • Compliance Checking in Distribution and Broadcast 
  • Content QA of Composite and Component Video in Production and Postproduction 

The 1741C is the latest analog waveform monitor from Tektronix that features user interface tools to simplify operations. Its precise displays provide high-quality monitoring for traditional analog composite (PAL and NTSC) or component systems.

This instrument supports four analog composite signal inputs with waveform, vector, SCH, and picture functions. The input ports can also be used for RGB signals.

The 4-tile FlexVu display and convenient picture thumbnail maximize the versatility of the 1741C.

For camera alignment, the user can display one, two, three, or four waveforms simultaneously and overlay just as many vector displays, thus facilitating monitoring of multiple cameras during content acquisition.

Powerful tools such as timing display, VITC, or LTC decode, freeze capture, video session, alarm status, and error log allow for deeper signal inspection to enable superior video production and delivery quality.