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Product specifications

SKU DEL-SM1000-CP-45
Brand Delta Elektronika
Current 45.00
Outputs Single
Power 15,000.00
Voltage 1,000.00


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Bi-directional constant power

The SM15K Series comprises power supplies with excellent efficiency, stability, and flexibility. Thanks to the constant power output, one power supply can cover up to five ranges of traditional power supplies with a rectangular VI-curve.
As standard, the SM15K series can be controlled via the front, web interface, or Ethernet. This connectivity can be expanded at any time by our interface cards. Furthermore, the Master/slave interface allows parallel operation of up to 60 units to create high-power systems capable of supplying up to 27000 A.

Bi-directional Power Flow

The SM15K series standard offers bi-directional power flow. The unit can absorb 100% of the power and is symmetric in both quadrants. Voltage and current can be programmed from zero to max. Operated either from the front UI or through the built-in web interface.

Power Regeneration Technology

Delta's innovative Power Regeneration Technology ensures maximum efficiency, returning full power back into the grid with an impressive efficiency rate, reaching 95%. This eliminates the need for expensive water-cooling systems, resulting in significant cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint. This enables highly efficient and compact test setups for battery, PV, and inverter applications.

Flexible Output

With a flexible constant power output characteristic, the SM15K series seamlessly adapts to varying voltage and current requirements. Its constant output power spans the range of three separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-curve, offering unparalleled versatility and value to users.
Furthermore, the flexibility is enhanced by the Master/Slave interface, enabling parallel operation of currently up to 60 units. This allows for the extension of current output reaching -27000 to 27000 A. The number of units can be easily reconfigured through the use of offered output assembly kits, providing users with greater customization and scalability options.

Exceptional Dynamic Response

The SM15K series boasts an extremely good dynamic response to load changes, recovering its output voltage in just 200 µs after a load change from full positive current to full negative current and vice versa. This outstanding dynamic response allows for rapid load variations while ensuring stable and reliable performance. See the data sheet for more information.

Comprehensive Functionality

Equipped with features such as Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer, PC control software, fine-tune settings, and sink mode, the SM15K series offers comprehensive functionality out of the box. Optional plug-and-play interfaces are available as options for master/slave operation, digital I/O, interfaces, or analog programming.
Delta Elektronika continues its tradition of delivering power supplies with low electromagnetic interference, low audible noise, reliability, and efficiency. The SM15K exemplifies these qualities while offering bi-directional power flow, flexible output, web interface, and plug-and-play interfaces, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.


  • Solar Inverter testing
  • PV simulation
  • Car testing systems
  • ATE in industrial production lines
  • Plasma chambers
  • Automotive battery simulations
  • Controlled battery (dis)charging
  • Lasers
  • Sustainable energy
  • Driving PWM controlled DC motors.