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Doble PDS200


Doble PDS200

RFI and EMI surveying tool for measurements in a live substation.

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Manufacturer Doble


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These are associated with faulty or degraded insulation and other system defects. The PDS200 uses EMI analysis to discriminate between different defects and discharge sources in transformers, cable terminations, high-voltage substation and plant equipment. Use the PDS200 to quickly make a system wide survey. The PDS200 connects with a variety of sensors for various applications. It can be purchased on its own or as part of a packaged kit, such as the EMI Surveyor.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, handheld device with large display screen
  • Captures the electromagnetic emissions in the RFI and EMI spectrum and displays a “fingerprint” of the defect causing the radiation
  • Select measurement parameters to maximize sensitivity to emissions
  • Synchronize signal capture to the power cycle to facilitate phase resolved PD analysis
  • Connect to a variety of sensors (HFCTs, probes, directional antenna) for different applications
  • Synchronous sampling and display of detector outputs provides discrimination of telecommunication carriers, noise and discharge phenomena
  • Logging of key parameters for trending of emissions
The PDS200 Surveyor is a partial discharge surveyor tool with EMI capabilities. It identifies and analyzes radio frequency (RFI) and lower frequency electromagnetic (EMI) emissions.


  • Quickly perform surveys without costly outages
  • No physical connections to the unit under test; detection method is truly non-invasive
  • Safe, effective method to detect insulation and mechanical defects
  • Immediate trending of measurements
  • Record and analyze the emissions to make decisions for further actions