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ESA615 FR / BE Socket

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SKU FBC-4132054
Brand Fluke Biomedical


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The ESA615 has automation inside that lets you test in minutes to the electrical safety standard of your choice. Reduce test time, eliminate errors and standardize testing with the latest innovation in electrical safety analyzers. Key Features: EN62353 standard testing and partial IEC60601-1. On-board automation with automated test sequences. Portable, ergonomic design with an integrated handle and tilt stand. Human-factors-designed user interface for streamlined testing. ECG and performance waveforms. Five applied parts jacks and easy ECG snap connection. Easy data entry through barcode, external keyboard or on-board keypad. Wireless communication plus removable memory card. Large, easy-to-read display with adjustable contrast. USA connection for use with Ansur. Optional Ansur plug-in software for complete automation.